Monday, January 26, 2015


One of my new years resolutions this year (which is really more like a goal I guess) is to make a new dish every week for dinner. Brendan and I get stuck in the rut of eating stir fry veggies and rice/quiona, and frozen pizza (Brendan's favorite food, but we do the Amy's healthy version with a salad) more often than I would like to admit. Eating the same thing almost every night is even worse than it sounds when I am the cook because I usually season the stir fry with salt and pepper, that's it. So it can be balndsville over here. I don't consider myself to be a great cook, and Brendan wants to eat less meat for the earth and what not, so this resolution seemed like a good challenge. 

So far, we have had some incredible meals, and I have been surprised how easy cooking is (when you have a recipe!) Here is a recap of the first few weeks of the year plus one from Dec when I first got this idea to branch out.

Week of Jan 25: Fried avocado tacos from this recipe. We used avocado oil, thanks to Colin, to fry the little guys and what we had on hand as toppings (beans, lettuce, cheese, and salsa). They were incredibly delicious, something about the crunchy outside and soft warm insides of the avocados.
They don't look fancy, but holy cow are they good.
The little avocados frying. We may have made WAY too many but they were great as leftovers too!
 Week of Jan 19: Lemon Gnocchi with Spinach and Peas This one was also incredible, and we don't EVER eat gnocchi, which is silly! I used almond milk instead of heavy cream since Brendan is lactarded, and it turned out great/ maybe a bit healthier!
Also healthy because I used way more spinach than the recipe called for! 
 Week of Jan 12: Spiced Couscous and Chicken Not vegetarian but could still be an awesome meal without the chicken. I used the wrong kind of couscous (Israeli I think) and also multi colored carrots from TJs which is why it has a purple tint. I also sauteed the chicken myself because who buys a rotisserie chicken and doesn't just pick the meat straight off the thing?! It would never last to be used in a recipe.
Way more exciting to eat than veggies seasoned with salt and pepper!
Week of Jan 5: Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls We actually may have made this once in Dec, and thought it was so good I made it again (it's almost new to us). I also have no pictures of this one, so here is one from the site I got the recipe on. I love anything with sweet potatoes, and this has the added benefit of only taking one pan to cook!
Just as good as leftovers, or wrapped in a tortilla!

Week of sometime during Christmas break: Kale and Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash Not nearly as hard to make as the fanciness of the presentation would lead one to believe! We actually made this twice during break (see what I mean about getting into a rut!) and the second time we added wild rice and freshly hunted wild mushrooms which made it SO good! 

This is from the non-rice and mushroom version, still really good and super easy. 
On tap for this week is Chicken Paprikash! I'm excited to try and make 52 new recipes this year (ok, maybe a few less since traveling to bike races makes cooking for myself hard).

Feel free to send me your delicious recipes!!

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