Thursday, January 8, 2015

San Bruno Hill Climb Race Recap

Here is a quick little recap of my first race of 2015, on the first day of 2015! 
On New Years Eve, I was a fuddy duddy and went to bed at 10:30 :) That's not to say I didn't fully enjoy a sweet little get together earlier in the evening, which may or may not have included peanut butter flavored beer, but that's besides the point!
On New Years day I dragged Brendan out of bed before the sun was up to drive to South San Fransico for the San Bruno "Mountain" Hill Climb Time Trial (Was it really a mountain? No, it really was just a hill, come on California). We got to the parking area WAY early, but I knew a good warm up was important for a 17 min race, so out came the trainer, and on went the chamois. Upon kitting up I realized I had forgotten basically everything one needs for a successful race; heart rate monitor, left it in Bodega bay; water, oh yeah, we only have half of one bottle... you know, because I've only been racing bikes for 5 years.
The first 20 minutes of my hour and 15 min warm up were basically worthless because, let me tell you, it is really hard to get motivated to warm up for a race after drinking peanut butter flavored beer the night before, very hard. Then, somehow I dug down really deep in my gut and willed myself to do a proper warm up, and before I knew it I was sweating profusely, and ready to race.
At the starting line I was nervous. I didn't know any of the ladies around me, except Beth who races world cup track races, and wins the San Bruno Hill Climb every year. Before I could over think what the heck I was doing racing road bikes, and run in the opposite direction, the official dude blew a whistle and we were off.
Within a minute of the start I got cocky and rode away from the group, but I was definitely a little worried I would blow myself up/that the other women knew something I didn't about the course. Somehow though, I was able to stay off the front till the end, and set the course record (with a time of 16:34) to boot! The race went by pretty fast, prob because I was counting down the minutes till 16, because I knew that was roughly how long it would take, and because the views of San Francisco from the course were amazing. It felt great to let it all out on the hill, climbing is my favorite part of riding bikes for certain.
All in all, it was a great way to start the new year, even if it meant waking up before dawn :)
Pic at the top of the hill courtesy of Michael Hernandez 
They gave me previously melted/stale chocolates as a prize. At first I was bummed, then I realized it's better that way cuz I'm not tempted to eat them :) You know, new years resolutions to eat healthy and stuff...

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