Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Monday Thoughts and a Weekend Recap

"Off" days (especially when they land on Monday) always tease me a bit. Driving to school in the morning rather than pedaling means I theoretically get home earlier, and I have more energy/time to get stuff done. At school all day I day dream of stuff I want to do when I get home. The list usually contains fun, stress free stuff, like read my book wrapped up in a blanket, paint a picture, or blog. Then there are always a million things that get added into the list: grocery shopping, buy chicken food, laundry (always with the laundry!), walk the dog, core, clean the fridge, put away laundry... it never ends. By the time the groceries are put away, it's already 4:30, almost dark, better run out the door to walk the dog, then dinner, laundry and WHERE DID MY OFF DAY GO?!? It's a tease thinking I have the whole afternoon to myself... :)
Random picture from Laguna to break up the words :)
When it rains here, especially in the canyons, I get the feeling mother nature feels bad about the sad, gloomy weather, and the next day it is always so much prettier out than normal. It feels like mother nature is apologizing for the rain by giving us a brilliant, green, extra beautiful day. That day was today.
Blackstar singletracks/Brendan's ipod had me giggling on Sat, it's fun to actually see where you are going for once!
This weekend was odd. There were no epic 7 hour mountain bike rides, I was done riding bikes by noon each day. Sat I did my workout in Blackstar, and then Brendan and I chipped away at a long to do list in the garage. Sunday I did a group road ride, in the rain. It was fast, and fun and oh so wet. Along the way I learned through the rain pushing water through my helmet pads, that I don't wash my helmet enough. gross.
Oh, and I made scones that actually looked AND tasted like I expected them too... so that was exciting!
Apple cinnamon scones, which, by a complete coincidence have no sugar in them!
And that sums it up for this non-bike riding Monday. Off to walk the dog (it's 5:03, and getting dark fast!).

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