Friday, January 16, 2015

More Randomness

Almost missed this shot because the sun was sinking over the horizon at this very moment. 
This week, while finishing my Thursday workout at sunset, watching my shadow pedal diligently along next to me on the red rocks of Blackstar Canyon I had a sort of realization. It was the very end of a long day which started at 4:40am when my alarm went off, and was still not over at 5:00pm, when I was pedaling home from climbing work on my mountain bike. What I realized is that I am on my bike before the sun is up most days, and again until sunset quite often. This week I rode until or past sunset 3 days in a row, and those were all days which started with a pitch black commute to school.
Long shadows in the canyons at the end of my workout.

It kind of hit me that a) I am a very lucky kid to be living this lifestyle, to have a job which affords me so much saddle time, and to love cycling so much, and b) I am toeing a fine line here between getting in quality training, and overdoing my physical output every day resulting in illness. This week was punctuated by some incredible mountain biking after work, Tuesday in Silverado, Wednesday in Laguna, and Thursday in Blackstar, but I also felt an illness coming on, and was quite stressed about the prospect of loosing days of training to illness.
This is just a season of my life, but it's an interesting one that I don't want to forget.
This bike even makes Over/Unders fun :)
And now for Friday's random thought: The rain last weekend has made all of Orange County glow bright green and I can't really get enough of it (a huge problem because it makes me want to be on my bike ALL day). I especially love the fluffy green grass in Laguna, I just want to roll around in it, it looks so soft and inviting. I also love the oak trees over bright green grass glowing in the sun in Limestone Canyon. I always see the view below on my commute home and want to stop and have a picnic under those trees, it looks so pleasant!
Doesn't that look like a lovely place to read a book and eat a scone?

Now it's way past bedtime, but no worries, this weekend has lots of room for sleeping in! Cheers to a three day weekend :)

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