Saturday, January 24, 2015

29 Miles on a 29er on my 29th Birthday!

Ok, ok, I really only rode like 25 miles on my 29er because the first 30 miles I rode on my birthday were on my road bike commuting to work and back! Regardless, it was a fabulous day which began with a free Caramel Macchiato, a delicious bagel gifted from a student in 0 period, and the most amazing tamales from a kid in 5th period. These students, they know the way to my heart is through food!
Home made tamales so spicy I was sweating, they were perfect! 
After school I found a note from Brendan about a surprise in the chicken coop, but had to go do my workout before coming home to find two adorable birthday chickens in the coop! 
The white chicken is Claudia, but we haven't named the black one yet. Ideas?
Then Brendan took me out to sushi, and we grabbed a slice of carrot cake to share for dessert. It was a perfect day :) To make it even sweeter, Brendan had my car detailed (like he does every year) so all the bike grease, and tire marks are gone and Cookie looks brand new. B-dan also made me earrings out of sea shells we had laying around, AND he posted a few things on Craigs list for me. I am spoiled :)

28 was a good year, but I'm already excited about what lays ahead in the last year in my 20's!

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