Monday, December 22, 2014

Why I Love SoCal

Another great weekend, complete with two more awesome rides, one fun Christmas party, and a small epiphany.

Ride one consisted of heading solo up Maple Springs and Upper Joplin, meeting up with about 15 super cool people including my hubs and descending Coldwater, then climbing ITT solo, cruising down HolyJim, and pounding pavement back to Silverado.
Riding in the Santa Ana's means you pretty much always have a great view.
Although I loved the solo parts of the ride (sometimes it's good to ride and reflect and soak in the nature alone), the absolute highlight was seeing all the people who choose to come out and ride Coldwater trail. The group included a bunch of dudes who have taught me to ride a bike over the past 4 years. Even though I don't ride with all of them very often any more, I was smiling the whole why down to Corona thinking about how Steve Timm taught me to ride steep switchbacks, how I went on some epic adventures with Terry two years ago, and all the random stuff I've learned from Wayne over the past twelve months. I was thinking about how following different guys has taught me different skills, like body English and cornering from Luke, and flow from Joe. I was also thinking about how encouraging these guys are, how Darin always makes me feel so cool, how they are all pumped about my new team, and about how John is always interested in knowing about how racing is going. Of course I was also thinking about how lucky I am to have so many tour guides like Carl and Dave to show me around the Santa Ana's and all of Southern California over the past two years. Saturday evening, after the ride and before the Sprockethead Christmas party I realized the reason I like Orange County so much is because I love the people. I never would have thought 5 years ago when we moved down to SoCal that the people would be my favorite part, but I cannot imagine a better support system, and group of ride buddies. Plus, did I mention we were descending Coldwater when these thoughts were going through my head. That trail is in the best shape it's ever been in, and was absolutely a joy to ride. And to top off an awesome day, I got to hang out with a bunch of these fun people, plus our adopted SoCal parents Brett and Chay at the party that evening!

On Sunday I got to shred Santa Barbara trails with an old friend from the collegiate racing days, and it was one of those rides where I was squealing with joy the trails were so much fun. I think my favorite was Jesusita trial, which was both terrifying and a blast! I have very few pictures of the weekend because my phone refuses to hold a charge more than 10 minutes, but I will remember the past two days for a long time because of the warm fuzzy feelings, and the smile on my heart.


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