Friday, December 5, 2014


A week and a day late :) Life has been particularly busy/engaging lately, which is a good thing, but leaves little time to reflect/write. Today I stayed home from work sick though, the perfect opportunity to get caught up (although I did spend half the day cleaning the house, that's not a good sick day activity, let me tell you)
Here is a recap of the first 3 days of Thanksgiving break in pictures. Second half of break coming soon.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we rode mountain bikes in Marin. It was a beautiful day, and the trails were perfectly tacky and Phil wimped out of riding for 8 hours with me. 
I love any bike ride with real trees and a good view!
More sweeping views of the Marin headlands.
The Mt Vis felt right at home under the oaks and redwoods. 

On Thanksgiving day we woke up early to go mushroom hunting. I rode my bike an hour and a half north on hwy 1 to our mushrooming spot, and it was the most beautiful morning. I love the views on the Sonoma Coast like no other! The mushroom hunt was a massive success because we got a bunch of my favorite mushroom, Matsutake, mostly just by wiping leaves off the forest floor. I also found a Cauliflower mushroom, a species I thought I would never see in the wild! Then I rode my bike back south on hwy 1. Again, there is no place I would rather be :)

I love Stillwater Cove, such a pretty place to ride bikes!

At some points you get way up high, and the view is even more breathtaking than before. 
I had to take a picture of my favorite spot in the whole world, where the Russian River meets the sea in Jenner. 
And I love this part where you descend down to sea level with an awesome view. 
Post bike riding there was a lot of mushroom cleaning to be done!
Somehow I got no pictures of the actual Thanksgiving meal, we were so busy cooking and cleaning mushrooms and eating there was no time for technology! It was a perfect evening, and the most amazing turkey I have ever eaten. 
On Friday we rode some sweet, well kept secret trails. The forest glowed with green and the trees, they were just amazing. I only got one picture all day, doesn't really do the spot justice.

Then we headed to Yosemite! 

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