Thursday, December 18, 2014

Push-A-Kona and Palm Springs

This past weekend is going down in my books as one of the best this fall. On Sat I got to join in the Push a Kona fun, and on Sunday DW took us on a great little tour of Palm Springs goat trails.
Highlights from Sat are as follows:
Was stoked to run into event creator Darrin Maxwell on WHT.
~Started PAK around 7:15am and we caught the main group on West Horsetheif. The wash may have been a mess (mud so thick you could barely ride through it), but West HT was in great shape, and I pedaled almost all of it! 

That's WHT snaking up the hill across from Bell Ridge. Can you see how steep it is?
~Was pleasantly surprised by the number of super cool folks who joined the fun this year. I guess that's what happens when the route is of a sane length (unlike last year!). I got to say hi to/ride with a bunch of my favorite mountain bikers!

~Added some extra credit and dropped Yeager in the middle of the ride (original route was West HT, East HT, Cariso, Bell so we threw Yeager and Trabuco in before dropping Bell Ridge). The XC was a blast because that Scalpel is so fun in the Santa Ana's

~ Got to see a bunch more super cool dudes at Pinos Peak the second time around! 
Carl was doing shots. You know, the uush. 
~And best of all was descending Bell with all my fave. mountain bikers, on the best bike. What a fun day!

Highlights from Sunday:

~Riding a ton of really technical rocky features on the way up Art Smith because this bike/these wheels kick major butt. I was seriously surprised by some of the stuff I cleaned. 

Scalpel ate up the sandy/rocky terrain. So much fun riding this bike in the desert.
~Doing the whole ride with full seatpost height and feeling comfortable/finally feeling like not having a dropper post was slowing me down (this is a huge accomplishment for a kid who has ALWAYS had a dropper post!)

~Eating the MOST AMAZING Nutella/peanut butter/banana sando halfway through the ride. That is a winning combo right there.
The sandwich was so good I forgot about good posture!
~ Descending Art Smith Trail. If you haven't ridden in Palm Springs, do yourself a favor and go ride that trail, now. It was flowy, techy, smooth, fun the whole way down!

~Seeing a huge herd of Big Horn Sheep at the end of the ride! They were on this cliff about 100 feet above the valley floor and they ALL took a double black diamond line to get down. It was insane. If I could descend half as good as them...

Wish I had a pic of them charging the most tech descent possible!
 And that concludes yet ANOTHER amazing base training weekend! Here's to another one coming up!

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  1. Always a blast to have your big, beautiful smile out there with us!!
    I was envious of you guys dropping Yeager! The "old man" just didn't have enough gas in the tank to pull that off.
    Your Palm Springs ride has some real good stuff! I've ridden out there, and it doesn't disappoint!