Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Bikes, New Kits, and New Friends

A few weeks ago, at 6:15 on a Monday morning, I was greeted at school with the most exciting email. This email was about my new team, through a new, very local bike shop (it's ON my commute home!). There's not much that can top that kind of morning. I'm not sure of all the nitty gritty details yet, but I do know that the very kind folks at ShoAir Cyclery are going to be helping me out this season, and I could not be more excited! That week, on Wednesday I got to pick up a new whip, the prettiest, lightest Cannondale Scalpel you ever saw.
It was love at first sight :) Plus, with a bike that light, you just can't help picking it up all the time!
Along with a sexy new bike, they also hooked me up with some sweet new clothes, and now I feel like the most stylish kid on the block.
First new wind vest since my very first one, from the UC Davis team in 2008.
Proud to rock the ShoAir kit in the Santa Ana's. 
Tell me that's not the cutest kit you have ever seen. Something about teal and green together, I just love it. Plus the cut and fit of the Jackroo shorts is really good, and who doesn't love a powerband?!
Even showing my new colors on the bike commute.
The Scalpel and I have been on a few adventured since it entered my life. We rocked Joplin and Yeager Mesa two weekends ago, and even though I didn't have the suspension dialed yet, it was a blast. Riding Santa Ana style trails on a 4 inch travel bike is super fun, in a different way than when you are on a trail bike. Something about the bike being responsive and also light enough to pick up, and whip around, as opposed to blast plowing. Plus the big, carbon wheels rocked the crap out of the rocks on Joplin. We also conquered Push-a-Kona 2014 (I am a massive cheat because the Scalpel is half the weight of the bikes you are "supposed to ride" for Push-A-Kona), and had an incredible shred fest in Palm Springs the next day, but more on those rides later.
This bike is right at home in the Santa Ana's. I was smiling ear to ear the whole way down Yeager, it's just so good.
So although October and November were a little on the rough side, wondering what I was going to do for 2015, I could not be happier to be riding for ShoAir/Ridebiker. I guess all good things come in time, and it was definitely worth the wait! Now I am twice as motivated to train like crazy and make 2015 a killer fast season!