Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Larissa Challenge

Last week, on Sunday was the 'Larissa Challenge' where our friend Adem set up a pseudo 'race' up Cavedale road between me and local bike shop owner Kevin (who apparently thought he couldn't get beat by a girl :) haha). The whole challenge ended up being kind of a joke because Kevin 'sprained his ankle' when he realized how badly I was going to slaughter him, and doing a social ride out to Cavedale sounded way more fun to me anyway.
I rode out to Santa Rosa from Bodega Bay at 7am, in the 44 degrees weather to meet up with the guys, and then we had a nice mellow cruise over to the hill. I hadn't ridden Cavedale road in about 4 years, so I had completely forgotten what the climb was like, as well as how long it would take. I also went prepared with a pocket full of excuses for why I might loose (rode 4 hours at crusher pace the day before, rode out from Bodega that morning, had already ridden 18 hours that week, you know, roadie excuses).
When we turned left onto Cavedale from HWY 12, I immediately attacked, because, well, my competitive nature always wins. Someone was on my wheel for at least 3 minutes, and then I was alone, for a very long, tough 25 more minutes. Needless to say, despite all the possible handicaps I gave myself, I was the champion of Cavedale road on Sunday, as the Strava thingy shows.
That's a lot of segments for one climb!
It was a thrilling ride to say the least, and don't worry, I kicked the boys' butts on the way home as well, just to show them that I wasn't that tired after the Cavedale race. Yep, the people in Norcal are pretty fun too.

Who wouldn't want to ride all day when this is what the roads look like?
Then I had to silly idea to try and ride all the way back to Bodega Bay. Brendan was supposed to pick me up, but I told him to wait a while and grocery shop, because I wanted to be on my bike as much as possible. I made it to Bodega Bay city limits (4ish miles from home) when Brendan caught me in the car and I have never been happier to get a ride home! The only sad part of the day was the lack of fried chicken in the car when Brendan got me, but there was coconut ice cream so that was good. 

In all the total number for the day were 95ish miles and 4000kj of work, not a bad way to end a weekend!
Still happy 85 miles into the ride, because it was ANOTHER beautiful day!

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