Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ALL the Things!

I didn't intend to take such a long break from Blogging, but when you try to cram a million different activities into Thanksgiving break, and then come home late Sunday night and jump right into work on Monday it's kinda hard to keep up.
Before I dive into the amazing week Brendan and I spent all over California for Thanksgiving, I still need to write about the rad mini-epic ride Dave and I did the weekend before (mostly because I have some sweet pictures of the ride).
Views on the climb up were awesome. I was in heaven staring out at San Gregornio, 
So I've been riding a lot on the weekends, mostly in Orange County. Although there are many fun trails here, I get the itch to ride in new places every once in a while. Last Sat. Dave and I decided to hit up Sugar-loaf Peak out near Big Bear, CA. The ride started halfway up SART, hit the road for a bit and then continued up fire road to the peak at 9,900 ft. Then we got to descend Wildhorse trail, a fun, flowy single track trail that rips down the mountain, and back down SART to Dave's van.
Seeing/riding in snow is pretty exciting when you live in SoCal :)
The ride was punctuated by me falling off an exposed section of trail and screaming like a little girl (somehow I ended up on my feet and was almost completely uninjured), a bunch of snow starting at about 7,000 ft, a bit of hiking and a bunch of dropper post issues on Dave's bike. I think my favorite part of the ride was the sections of trail where we were riding on a perfect blanket of snow, where I could ride anywhere I wanted because the snow was thick enough to cover rocks and roots, but sticky enough to ride on. Also, I have to say, once again, that the Conti tires on my bike rocked the snow and wet rocks like champs. Still madly in love with those tires and with the Mt. Vision :)
The Pearl X-Project shoes I wear on every ride are summer shoes, but somehow my feet stayed warm and dry for the entire ride. 

I taught Dave how to take a selfie. 

We did some hiking in the snow, which I considered training for Half Dome  the following weekend. 

Obviously we took some pics at the peak.

And then we ate snados. This is one of my fave parts of any long ride now, love me some PB&J.

This was at the start of the wicked fun descent. We got so lucky with the amount of snow on the ground. Enough to be fun to ride in, not enough to hinder our descending. 

I highly recommend Wildhorse Canyon trail to anyone in SoCal looking for something new and fun to ride. What other new trails should I hit during the base training season?

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