Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nobel Canyon

I think I fell more in love with my bike today. Here are a few highlights of a great ride out in Nobel Canyon.
At the top of this little extra credit loop, you can see to Mexico!
-50 miles, 7,000k ascent on flowy, technical really well maintained singletrack (as well as a little bit of fun punchy fire-road)

-Incredible views of mountains, valleys, golden cottonwood trees, and beautiful rock formations

-Having a blast carving descents with new confidence, riding stuff I wouldn't have imagined riding last year, and hitting as many wall rides as possible at the end to avoid rocks, 'cause why not? 

-Riding all the jumps and most of the log rides on Gatos Ravine, something else I definitely opted out of last year

-Perfect weather, warm with a cool breeze, and almost no people until we got to the dry lake

-Seriously the best nachos of my life afterwards in Alpine at Mananas Mexican Restaurant, complete with greasy chips, about a cup of guac and a cup of sour cream.

If you live in SoCal you NEED to get your butt to Nobel Canyon ASAP because it is amazing out there right now!

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