Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Sunny Side

Ok, so I have definitely been a bit of a drama queen this week. On Monday I was ready to give up on bike racing, to "read the signs" that it wasn't meant to be, and throw in the towel. But all I needed was a bit of time to remember that I freaking love bikes. I love bikes upside down and sideways and no matter which way the wind blows. I will love bikes if I'm sponsored and winning races, and I will love bikes if I'm just riding home from school listening to the Beach Boys. I just plain love moving the pedals around in a circle and feeling the sun on my skin and wind on my face. Although this Monday was a particularly tough day, the bike Gods have come through during the rest of the week to remind me that bikes are the best and my life rocks.

On Tuesday night I skipped my intervals and rode my mountain bike in Silverado. I climbed loose, steep, off camber switchbacks I have never even tried to clean before (prob because the tires on my trail bike are boss), and I shredded the crap out of downhills I used to walk. I loved every second of it.
My playground at dusk. No bike computer, no worries. Just my favorite bike and favorite trails. 

On Wednesday I rode with they typical suspects in Laguna, and again, cleaned some climbs I never used to think possible. I also chased the fastest guys I know across the twistiest trail ever and didn't get dropped and then followed Hans Rey down Lizzard trail, and at the bottom Thomas Frischnecht said I was fast (yeah, I'm name dropping). It was like being in a dream.
Blurry, but awesome photos of why my life is so good right now.
It was the best day :)

Today I rode home thinking about the Wednesday night ride, and smiling the whole way. I never wanted to get off my bike. I swear, if you're having a bad day, go ride a bike, then see how you feel!

To top off all this awesomeness, I have been LOVING teaching the kiddos using technology. We use almost every day and I've been having some out of this world good conversations with the freshmen about Domain, Range, and functions. It has been an incredible experience to give up control and let the kids discover some of the material on their own. I have so much love and respect for this group of kids, they are just so engaged, and they way they think is fascinating.

All in all, things are pretty darn good in my corner of Orange County, and the weekend is just around the corner :)

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