Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap/Quick Toilet Update

The weekend started with a sweet little Santa Ana ride on my favorite little hardtail. There are no pictures, because I was having so much fun, but the ride was as awesome and rowdy as a Santa Ana ride can be in the fall. It came complete with gorgeous fall weather, some leaves turning colors and a jaunt down Yeager Mesa which was a mess, steeper than I remember and super fun. 
Then, the work. On Sat we framed the walls for the bathroom, which included a lot of arguing about where said walls should go. 
When we finally stopped arguing, we got some sturdy framing done, and you know with Brendan there that they are both very square and over-engineered. 
Sunday morning there was more Santa Ana shredding pre-bathroom work.
This time we hit Trabuco trail and Bell Ridge, both of which were a disaster from the thunderstorm/mini flood a few weeks ago, but also super fun. 

I also took the Mt Vis out on Sunday, and it was a blast! I think this might be the Mt. Vis' first time in Cleveland National Forest, but the bike handled like a seasoned pro. It climbed the shale-y loose Trabuco like it was no big deal, and crushed the descents. The bike handled so well that I took almost 10 minutes off my best descent time from Pinos Peak to the wash via Ding Dong trail. 

I'm a happy kid when you throw me in the mountains for a few hours. 
For the rest of the day I baked delicious apple goodies (with lots of butter) and spread mortar around the bathroom floor so we could lay down Hardibacker. 
This part is my favorite because it is like icing a cake. 

And there is the floor all covered in cement board, ready for tile!

I'm pretty sure Brendan is going to make me work during the week on this! I'm just stoked on the progress we made this weekend, even though it was small!

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