Friday, September 5, 2014

Time is Merciless

It feels like time is flying by now that bike racing is officially over for the year. Every time I turn around it is Friday again, but I guess you can't complain about that! I have been trying to keep my head above water since school started (and secretly wishing I was at wold champs), but here is a quick little recap of life lately, in backwards order, in pictures.
I spent my Friday night on a hot date with this little guy. Now the Feltie is nice and clean for tomorrow's epic group ride. Hopefully I don't look like/act like too much of a Fred!

Last Monday we got to hit Bodega Bay in the afternoon. It was a cloudless, warm, perfect day to be on the Sonoma Cost, and Davey only ran away once.

Sister time. I even helped grade papers!

We hung out at Goat Rock for a while before heading to a very last minute, very delicious dinner with the In-laws. It was a perfect day, complete with a morning spin and Andy's Market's World Famous Iced Coffee, oh yeah, and an overnight drive back to Socal.

Adem, Brendan and Sara rock climbed, which looked really hard. I lost the dog, and scrambled up a rock with no shoes.

 Earlier in the weekend we were in Boggs where a lot of this happened.

And a lot of this.

Oh yeah, and A LOT of this! It was super fun doing a bunch of chill rides on super fun trails with SUPER fun people. We even got to hang with Mason for a day. What could be better?

Now I am covered in poison oak, and exhausted from waking up in the 4 zone to get to school super early for zero period three days this week, but stoked to go on a fun group road ride in the am with some fast as heck peeps!

Cheers to the weekend!

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