Friday, September 19, 2014

Bike, Teach, Bike, Repeat

Welp, it took me a while, but I'm finally finding my off season groove. Wake up at 4:45 am, ride to school in the dark, drown myself in coffee, try my darndest to get the kids to love math, bike home, intervals/mountain bike ride/core, dinner and sleep. That's the daily over here. Honestly I am kinda loving it. My kids are talkative this year, but so good at arithmetic (all any algebra teacher can ask for really). I also feel like I fall harder and harder in love with math every year I teach, and have I mentioned yet that it's way easier the 5th time around? Finally feeling a little like an experienced educator!
Bike commuting, I'm so grateful for bike commuting. Also for the 3 foot law!
This week I survived two 100+ degree days (commuted and did my SFRish intervals in the heat and everything), 4 days of waking up pre-dawn, two block days at school, and one incredible but very hike-a-bike heavy Rad's ride. All this made me incredibly grateful for the cooler temps on yesterday's ride home, and the late start & minimum days we have at school next week. 
Over the weekend I get to look forward to some beach clean up volunteering, a nice mountain bike ride or two and a day of composting toilet installation slave labor (Brendan is a relentless foreman).

And lastly, a flashback to last weekend, when it was 100 degrees and the neighborhood was on fire. I am so thankful for all the firemen who worked so hard to put out our fire! Wildfires are super scary, and this bad boy burned right down to the street, and up to the back doors of some houses. I am amazed no houses were lost or damaged! Good work Firemen!
The sky on Fri night a bit up the road from my house.

Creepy glowing sky.
Some of the damage up the canyon from our home. This continues for a mile or so. 

Hope the King Fire meets the same demise as our fire. I know a lot of people are working very hard to put that horrible fire out! Send good thoughts/vibes their way!

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