Friday, September 12, 2014

As of Late

Now that school is in full swing I find myself either totally engaged in something (teaching, riding my bike, making dinner, cleaning the house, etc) or entirely exhausted. It's a good feeling to get back to work, and to be dog tired every night :) Also, the fifth year of teaching must be the sweet spot because I have been surprised at how easy a lot of it feels, and how much I am just enjoying getting kids to think analytically.

Here is an update on life as of late.

Currently I am sitting on my butt at home listening to a bunch of helicopters and massive planes zoom over our neighborhood trying to fight a nasty brush fire just up the canyon from our house.

The fire started at 11am, and by now, just before 5pm, it has burned 1200 acres. The good news is that no homes are damaged, and none are in danger for now. I am very grateful the fire is on the opposite side of the canyon from us, and that there are so many firefighters and volunteers out there in the 100 degree temps fighting it.                                                                                                                                                                   When I learned of the fire this morning I was still at school, and I definitely ran the gamut of emotions before it was clear to me exactly where the fire was and that our house wasn't in too much danger. I had about an hour of panic thinking we wouldn't be able to get Davey to safety because the road was closed. Also, my bikes were all in the garage! Imagining my life without bikes... I know it seems petty, but I really appreciate a lot of material things right now, esp bikes.
I am also sitting on my butt because I may have overdone the biking thing this week. Along with getting up at 4:45am every day (except Friday) to commute to school, I threw in two hard workouts and a Rads ride to boot. The Rads ride is at the top of my list of best times I've had on two wheels! Every trail was a blast, and I got to ride with some kick ass dudes who ride gnarly descents like it aint no thang. Hopefully there will be more Rads rides in my future! 

While I was riding my bike non stop this week Brendan was in Vegas with all the other fun people in the world at Interbike. Apparently I was there too, at least in spirit, and by spirit I mean life sized poster. Thanks Gavin, for getting that booger out for me!

And lastly, my students. I love my students. I know this sentiment may change as they get to know me and start to act up, but for now they are sweet, smart, and polite. They do their work, turn in their homework, participate in class, and sometimes they even laugh at my jokes! The first few weeks of the year are always the best :)  

That's it for now. Life isn't quite as exciting when I'm not bike racing. For now let's pray the winds don't shift, and that these horribly hot temps don't last. Hopefully this fire is out before it gets dark!

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