Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Cup Week!

I wrote this post before the World Cup and failed to post it, but I still wanted things to appear in order, so here it is!

Tomorrow at 1pm I will be toeing the line behind the world's best cross country racers for my first ever world cup XCO! We have been staying in Harwinton, CT all week preparing for the race and visiting with almost all of Brendan's extended family. Here are some highlights of my world cup week leading up to the big day tomorrow!
The town of Harwinton and all the surrounding towns are ADORABLE! Here is the pretty church in Harwinton as seen on my Tuesday morning spin.

I stopped many times to take pictures on my ride Tuesday. I couldn't get over the cute houses and beautiful rock walls.

Found some dirt while exploring on my bike. The trails were very technical. Tons of rocks and roots everywhere. 

We stayed at Uncle Larry and Aunt Marry Ellen's house. They have the most impressive garden complete with dozens of raspberry plants. I spent a good amount of time eating raspberries right off the vine :)

On Thursday we went for a hike up Kent Falls. The waterfall was very impressive, and the mushroom hunting didn't disappoint either!

Pre-riding the course is maybe my favorite part of bike racing. No pressure, get to stop and snap some pictures, and have a great time with all the cool people I will be racing with! The course had lots of rocks and wooden ladder features which made it really fun to ride!

Pretty excited to be at a world cup race. It doesn't get much harder than this!

Brendan and I spectated the down hill course on Saturday afternoon. The course had many large jumps. These competitors are straight crazy!

I don't know who this dude is, but I think I timed the picture pretty well :)

This, plus a bunch of family gatherings spread throughout the week made the week leading up to the race pretty darn fun, and kept my mind from getting too terribly nervous. 

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