Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road Tripping days Who Knows through Who Cares

So, I meant to blog much more often on the last mtb racing trip we took, like more than once a week often. However, poor Internet access, crazy traffic, trying to spend as much quality time with my 14 month old nephew and riding got in the way big time. I still have many rad pictures to share and rides to archive so this week I'm going to recap our trip in two chunks: Missoula to SLC, and SLC to Denver. 

Missoula to SLC, here we go!

Our life in the days following the Missoula XCT looked a lot like this from the window of a very small Mazda2.
and this...
 Thankfully, just before departing Missoula we got to indulge in our favorite Missoula treat, Big Dipper Ice Cream!
And we got to hit Java on 4th in Sun Valley for the most delicious coffee snacks on earth, the Bowl of Soul  (as per Darrin's suggestion)
Sadly we took a wrong turn en route to Sun Valley due to lack of Google Maps-ability, and arrived too late to rent a bike for Brendo to ride. We hiked instead. Hiking kinda sucks, just going to put that out there. I tried to run to get that wind in my hair feeling, running sucks too. 

We got to Salt Lake City late Sunday night, and woke up early Monday to hit the trails up in Park City. Brendan had never been to PC before, and was BLOWN AWAY by the sick free bus service (on which you can take your bike) that delivers you from downtown PC to the middle of the mountain every 15 minutes.
Brendan loved Deer Crest Trail. Flow and scenery for days!
Then we found ALL THE ASPEN TREES!!! (Isn't that boy sexy?)
And a rad, old, who knows what it's for building.
Then Brendan busted out his mad skills and took the banked turns on Loose Moose trail as hard as possible! 
And of course the CXR loved playing with the wildflowers of Utah. What a pretty, awesome, special place! (This picture is on Mid-Mountain trail, maybe the coolest part of the Park City trail network)

On Tuesday I finally let Brendan sleep in while I went out to do a quick little structured workout. I didn't realize however, that we were at altitude, which made my intervals very very hard. 
 I was a bit bummed, until I looked around at the gorgeous road I was on (Mill Creek Rd), and then found a sweet trail to take me to the bottom.
The trail was called Pipeline trail.It stayed really high for a long time, and then I took Rattlesnake something or other straight down to the bottom. 

 I couldn't stop taking pictures, it was just so darn pretty!

Then we hit up the SLC Natural History Museum to see all the dinosaurs!
Brendan and I are museum nerds, it's ok, we accept it :)

That evening we rode Bobsled trail, a short, SUPER fun little descent right out of downtown SLC. Brendan was heard screaming in delight as he rode the progression of wall rides that takes you up through the trees. If you're ever in SLC, you must ride Bobsled. So so good. So good in fact, that I have no pictures.
Oh yeah! And we got to hang out with some of our favorite people, Taryn and Bill, who now live in a real, adult house with real, adult height ceilings! Sadly we have no pictures of them, or their awesome, adult house either. Thanks for giving us a place to stay guys!! You're the best and we love you!

We left for CO early the next morning. Road trip part SLC to Denver coming soon!

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