Saturday, July 5, 2014

Last Epic Road Trip Recap: UT to CO

Picking up right where we left off, leaving Utah. We got an early start on Wednesday to head East to Colorado, and hit Steamboat Springs around 2pm. After renting a bike for Brendo from this great bike shop, we hit the Emerald Forest Trails which were super easy to get to from down town Steamboat. Brendan especially loved riding here because the climb was gentle and interesting, so we barley noticed that we were going up hill!
There were awesome views on the climb, an incredible fern forest at the top, a mini rain storm on the way down the hill, 
and a nice river at the end of the ride to ice my legs in!

Immediately after the ride we hopped back in the tiny rental car and kept driving east to Denver. The scenery on the drive was awesome the entire way. Not an ugly view the entire time!

And then in Denver we got to meet this awesome kid! My first, cutest, and only nephew!!!
He didn't care for me, but was pretty ok with Brendan, which made me jealous!

Thursday was a blur of pre-riding of the Colorado Springs course, and spending HOURS in the car because Colorado has worse traffic than LA. On Friday we sat in a ton of traffic again, this time headed to Boulder to explore the town and ride Valmont Bike park.

I found this AMAZING jersey at University Cycles in Boulder, they even had a tank top version. It was love at first sight, but alas, bike racing doesn't leave much spare change in your pocket for spendy clothing.
Valmont bike park was one of the highlights of the trip. We rode every trail there, which included multiple skills loops (complete with log rides and drops), a few pump tracks, a dual slalom course, a few jump lines and a flow trial. 
We stayed on the jumps for a while, trying to clear this double. It was super fun, but I need to work on my jumping skills!
One of my favorite obstacles was this log/ladder ride. 

 The entire day Saturday was spent racing bikes, no need to go into that again! But Sunday we went for a soul ride on Sourdough trail with my team mate and some friends. The entire ride was above 8k ft, and involved the most technical climbing I have even done. My shoulders were burning by the end, from working so hard! 
We crossed some super pretty rivers!
And enjoyed the crap out of the awesome trees.
Post ride we ate some of the best burgers I have ever tasted. My burger had three types of pork on top of the beef patty (bacon, pulled pork, AND pork belly!).

And that was the trip! Monday we flew home to SoCal to get some good training in for Subaru Cup in Wisconsin, our next stop! 

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