Thursday, July 31, 2014

Best Week of the Year

Downieville week is finally here! I look forward to this week more than any other each year. I look forward to the race prep, pre-riding the xc and downhills courses. I look froward to seeing all the coolest bike industry people, old friends, and new friends. And I look forward to a serious amount of relaxing, reading and swimming in the river! This year the week of festivities was cut a bit short because of the Vermont trip last weekend, but I am still getting almost a week worth of riding the most rad trails in CA and chillin in the best little mountain town I know.
So far the week has included some awesome rides. The first was a solo xc course recon mission which took place late Tuesday afternoon. With no cars at the top of the hour long climb, and the sun setting it was a bit spooky descending through mountain lion territory. Despite being a bit scared, I had a great time lobbing down Baby Heads trail, dipping and weaving down Pauley Creek, and screaming down Third Divide trail.
Wednesday was a difficult hill climb workout followed by a rad pre-ride of the downhill course. I had even more fun on the dh course pushing the Mt Vision and my limits, and trying to stay alive. Today was shuttle day, and another run of the xc descent. Although I felt pretty confident on Tuesday I totally sucked today on the techy, loose, blown out trails. Looking back I may have been trying too hard to go fast, so I'll try to calm down on Saturday for the race!
All in all it's been an awesome week. Tomorrow calls for a nice little spin and some leg up time, and then it's game time! YeeHaw!!!

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  1. Congratulations on the 2nd place!
    Eric (the old guy you were nice enough to give a ride back up to Sierra City on Tuesday)