Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back on a Plane!

The summer of bike racing adventure continues with a trip to Madison WI (actually Portage, but who even knows where that is anyway?) for XCT race number 6! I am currently sitting in John Wayne Airport getting ready to fly out to WI for some pre-riding, Short Track racing and an awesome (hopefully) Cross Country race!
In the last week and a half (since returning from CO) I have been training, cleaning the house, and laying low. It's been a nice, short break from being away from home.
I even got to ride with this cool kid in Silverado last weekend!

For a hot minute this week I started to feel a bit of bike racing burn out, which resulted in the burning desire to take up ocean swimming. To satisfy the ocean craving I set out to swim a mile in the ocean in South Orange County with rowing coach extraordinaire Meryl. There were thousands of surfers and a few waves, so we swam out really far to stay out of the way, I learned I am a VERY slow swimmer, and I had a bit of a panic attack on the way back in because I was certain a surfer would run me over and cut me in half with the fin thingy on his board. Overall I give ocean swimming a 9 out of 10 for being super hard, super scary and overall awesome! Come off season I'll be in the ocean every chance possible! 

And that is basically the only exciting thing that has happened in the Connors household in the past two weeks! Bring on the bike races!

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