Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kenda Cup Champ!

This week is crazy busy with finals, the end of the school year, graduation (I have to be IN graduation), preparing to leave for a few weeks, and training. I have so much to say, but no time to sit down and over share about life, father's day, etc. so here are some quick weekend highlights.

Brendan and I went to a Mini show on Saturday morning. The Mini club told him about how they go to the track with their Minis... they might be a bad influence :)
Brendan basically geeked out about cars, and modifications for an hour. 

Then we hit Sprouts for Snados, and kale soda? Who on earth thought THAT was a good idea?
I fell in love with an $80 chunk of cheese strings (which expires on June 23, do I smell a clearance item?) and Brendan tried the kale soda. Wierdo.

After our fun little morning adventure Brendan napped while I did a fun little ride to Irvine Lake. 
The lake is actually much prettier from the back side than the side I ride by on my way to work each day!

Sunday I drove up to Big Bear alone because Brendan felt sick, and shredded the XC race on my trail bike. I have no pictures of the race because I was flying solo, but it was a blast. I will post a formal race recap as soon as the craziness dies down! 

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