Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Head On

The highlight of this weekend was a short love ride in Aliso on trail bikes (both 650b because we are cool like that). The ride was short because Brendan is still building his endurance post knee surgeries, and I got hit head on by another mountain biker shortly after Brendan went back to the car. Here is a play by play of the ride, starting with...
Brendan wrenching on my bike :) He really is the most useful, as well as cutest husband. Once we got the Mt Vision dialed just right, we headed up meadows trail to visit with the goats. 
This picture was taken just after we both grabbed the electric fence (not knowing it was electric). Too bad you can't see the shock on our faces (haha, get it!). 
Then we headed down Mentally Sensitive, because Brendan had never ridden it, and I wanted to see how much more fun it would be on the trail bike than it was on the hardtail. Post Mentally Brendan was worked, so he headed to the car while I did a bit more riding. A little while later I was riding along a flat singletrack trail when out of nowhere some dude came screaming around a blind corner right into me! We smashed into each other helmet on helmet, so I was a bit dazed immediately after, and kinda limped off with a very bent wheel and brake rotor. Brendan offered to give me his front wheel back at the car, but his front tire looked particularly shitty, so I used the excuse that my head hurt to call it a day. I was pretty bummed about the brand new wheel that got ruined, but that is mountain biking, you never know when a wreck is going to take you or your bike out for a bit. I also have to admit I cried a bit after the crash because I was so sad about the bike, how lame is that?! 
The rest of the weekend involved much more of this...
Taping, taping and more taping of the racing stripes...

Safety first! Brendan is so safe he wears a helmet when spray painting (but no dust mask for the fumes...). 

Needless to say, we WILL NOT be painting racing stripes on the Prius any time soon because holy cow that was a LOT OF TAPING! 
A sneak peak at the paint job. Brendan is not very happy with it, so we will be peeling the stripes off soon and re-painting them. Ugh! 

Now I'm just hoping time slows down, because that was my last weekend at home for a long, long time, and I'm not mentally ready for summer to start! 

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