Friday, June 20, 2014

First Stop, Missoula, MT

I love Missoula (in June). I love sweet, tacky, swoopy singletrack. I love dozens of bakeries full of gluten-y goodness. I love endless hills covered in green grass and trees (tons and tons of real trees). And I love their tiny down town filled with bike commuters. Yep, Missoula in June is the perfect place to start summer break. Throw in a wicked awesome XC race on Saturday with all my favorite mountain bike people, and I am a happy camper.
Here are some trip highlights so far.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Flying Alaska Airlines is the best. Unlimited snacks and coffee :) Plus a layover at the SeaTac airport = tons of free cheese samples and an amazing turkey sandwhich from Beechers. Not pictured is the free beer they serve on the Seattle to Madison flight. Yeah, Alaskan is THE BEST.

 Bakery #1 of the trip, Great Harvest Bakery gave me a thick, warm sample of amazing wheat-y seed-y bread, then made the best curry chicken sandwich I ever had!
We are staying in a rather rural neighborhood with family friends John and Lisa. Yesterday, John told me to look out the kitchen window because a deer had just given birth. It's hard to see in the picture, but the baby was so tiny that when it stood up (within 30 seconds of being born!) it could barley walk through the grass. The kids at school always tell me I watch the Nature Channel because we don't have TV at home so all we can do is look out the window. I guess they were right! Yay Nature!
Yesterday, after building up my bike BY MYSELF (I'm pretty proud of that, can you tell?) I did a lot of pre-riding of the cross country course. The descents were so fun I didn't want to stop riding, ever. There are also tons of wild flowers and trees for days. Heaven. I was smiling so hard after the first lap my face was hurting. 
I did some sight seeing yesterday afternoon. Found this great view on a short hike.

Saw some dudes surfing in the rapids of the Clark Fork River.

And I cannot get enough of these incredible views. 

Wish me luck in the XC tomorrow! I'm excited and nervous :)

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  1. You just keep that BIG, beautiful smile on, keep having FUN, and kick ass tomorrow!!