Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brendo is Famous!

Meant to post about this a few days ago, but that hubby of mine was pretty famous for about four hours on Thursday when his post about my time trial bike hit the top of and stayed there for a long freaking time. 
He even earned reddit gold for the post. My favorite comments come from men telling Brendan he is a jerk for showing up their sad skills :) He is a pretty handy hubby :) When  asked him how he felt about all this hoopla, Brendan told me he hadn't intended for the post to get so popular, and that he was embarrassed by it. Not only is he super smart, and creative, but so humble! 

In other news, I have done intervals on three out of the last four days, and more coming up on Tuesday and Weds. It's a good thing I trust coach so much, because, ouch. 

We spent the rest of our Saturday in the garage doing this...
Brendan wants to eliminate all chrome from the mini so we have been plasti-dipping the crap out of the car. Should have the project finished by the end of the day tomorrow, pics to come! 

Have a great Sunday.

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