Friday, June 13, 2014

Almost Done

The last week of the school year just zipped right by. Just like that, bam, it's Friday. I do love weekends, but I'm not ready for summer... yet!
Besides having weird numbness in my left arm for the first half the week (probably from my little head on crash last weekend), and a fun little mountain bike adventure on Thursday afternoon in which Davey got lost, this week was pretty calm and relaxed. I tried to enjoy the crap out of teaching, which can be hard when all 200 of your students only want to watch World Cup on their phones all day. Thankfully the district heard my silent prayers and blocked all sites streaming World Cup, which was especially good today because there was a heightened interest with Mexico playing at 9am. And now, some pictures.
The school holds a 'hello goodbye' assembly to say goodbye to the seniors who are graduating. At the end of the assemble the seniors give a flower to their favorite teacher (or two, or three). I was surprised and honored to be gifted a few roses and carnations. The kids are so sweet at the end of the year, and some of these seniors are rock star students who I know will go pretty darn far. 
Maybe you can't see the drop, but I got a few shots of the Mt. Vision in action thanks to HS mountain biking shredder Dylan. We went for a little spin on Thursday with the Dave-meister. Davey decided 20 minutes was long enough to run, and took off, not to be seen again until he was delivered to my front door by a kind neighbor. Up until he quit Davey was a stellar trail dog, running right along next to my rear wheel. Maybe with some practice we will have a mountain biking pup!
Another action shot from the day. I have to admit, it took some warming up, but I was pretty stoked on this bike by the end of the day. Climbs like a champ, handles techy stuff with ease, and descends like a pro. We are going to have fun this summer, this ninja bike and I. I was also beyond stoked with the fresh rubber, some 2.4 Conti Mountain Kings. If you ride SoCal you know dry, loose trail conditions pretty well. These tires hooked up really well, and made me feel like a boss despite the dry-loose-ness.

Dylan descending into a creek crossing next to the old model A. 

And now we are off to another epic Big Bear weekend! Let the summer fun (almost) commence!

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