Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

To most people, it might seem like we don't have very interesting lives (Brendan, Davey, and I that is). At least my students tell me that all the time. Regardless of their critique of our idea of fun :) I had a freaking blast this weekend riding bikes, baking, cleaning, and working on bikes! 
The weekend started with a training ride here
to beat the smoky gross air down there.
The air quality has been a bit less than ideal thanks to smoke from all the fires in San Diego. No problem for us thought, we have Blackstar Canyon a rideable distance from our front door. Plus, an evenly steep fire road with no motos or Jeeps? Why haven't I been taking advantage of such a legit resource? 

Next we scoured the house which hasn't been really cleaned since, oh I don't know, March! Ewwww. We finally have sparkling floors again! (that is until our asshole dog ran through the kitchen with muddy paws! Seriously!)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                As a reward for all the cleaning, we made strawberry rhubarb pie! It turned out SUPER tasty (but made a HUGE mess in the oven, Ha!)

Then we did some work on the skylight cover project. Brendan is very fond of napping during the day and sleeping in on the weekends. This skylight cover, which will be rigged to a pulley system for easy opening and closing, will make his naps 100 times more pleasnt. A lot of light comes in through that thing. 

Sunday was all about learning to ride bikes super fast down hill. A few of the Sprocketheads and I headed out to SART and had a great time riding in much cooler temps on flowy fun, sometimes scary trails. I even got to ride with coach, which was rad to the power of 10. It meant I was seriously riding at my limit on each descent, and we even had a complete conversation about farting at work/on rides! Added bonus, seeing a super pretty orange and white snake, and TONS of wildflowers.

This is what our Sunday evening looked like, working on bikes out on the deck and eating tasty snacks. Building up the ninja trail beast is getting a bit frustrating because we keep realizing there is some obscure part missing, and completing the bike keeps getting delayed. boo :(

BUT, we did put sexy new XX brakes on my baby Harriet, so that was exciting! 

And that's it. Another weekend flew by, sending us straight into Monday morning at 100 miles an hour. I don't mind too much though, because I see the light at the end of the school year tunnel, 21 days! 

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