Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rest Week

Boy did I get lucky with the timing of this easy week of training! Today's commute home saw the highest temp reading I've ever seen on the Garmin.
Again, I know it wasn't really 113 degrees out. It didn't even feel that terrible, which might mean I've acclimated to living down here, or that it really wasn't that bad. Reguardless, I don't think I could have done a structured workout today, even my water was hot to drink by the end of the ride.

Other than everyone having NOTHING to talk about besides the heat, here are a few highlights from this week so far.
This kick butt trophy came my way yesterday. I won it at the Keyesville Classic back in March, but there was a mix up and it wasn't on site for the podium pic. Either way, I am stoked to wear this belt on casual Fridays at work from now until Keyesville Classic 2015! (obviously just kidding).

I saw this awesome moon rise on the Tuesday night ride. It was much prettier in real life, I swear. Silverado can be suprisingly beautiful sometimes.

While the moon was rising behind us, the sun was setting in front over this glorious field of weeds. It was warm, the breeze was blowing just right, and it was a bit magical. 

Lastly, fanny packs are making a come back like no other. Who knew the staple of the nerd closet would be a hit with mountain bikers, the most fashionable people around! So far at least 3 of the Sprocketheads are sporting these rad accessories, will the trend fully catch on?

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  1. I think that belt buckle NEEDS to be worn to class at least once before this school year is done!