Thursday, May 8, 2014


Summer is getting close and although there are no races for the next three weekends I am already looking very forward to where racing is going to take me this summer.

Here is the tentative schedule:
June 18- Fly out to Missoula MT for the Missoula XC on June 21
June 23- Little road trip with the boy through Sun Valley Idaho and Salt Lake City to Denver, CO.
June 28- US Cup #4 in Colorado Springs
July 9- Fly out to Madison WI, for WORS Cup

Plans are still a little unclear after WI, but will probably involve flying to Pennsylvania for XC Nationals and then to VT for another XCT. To summarize the summer, I wont be on California soil from June 18 until Aug 1 (for my favorite race of the year, the Downieville Classic). Let's hope I like living out of a suitcase and bike box!

                                                                                              ^^Racing the WORS Cup in WI last summer.

Last year I had trusty (and sexy) mechanic Brendan at my disposal at all the races I traveled to.

If you have any advice for me going into this crazy summer of travel and racing I would love to hear it. Although I did get to travel a bit last summer, I have never attempted anything like this trip before, and much of it will be solo. Also, if you know of cool places to visit in the areas I am traveling to, or good places to eat hit me up, because I love good snacks, NEED to know about good coffee, and would love to see some sights along the way!
I found my happy place a few times in CO last summer. Hopefully my good travel luck will continue and I will get to see this epic view again (from the Contenential Divide on Monarch Crest Trail in CO)

Happy place here I come!


  1. Fantastic summer plans!!
    When you're in Sun Valley - Ketchum, hit Java On 4th for your FRESH POT!!!
    And make sure to get the "Bowl of Soul"! It'll put you in the right frame of mind!
    Also, let me know if you need a bike bag to fly with.

    1. Awesome, Thanks Darin!! I can't wait to drink amazing coffee snacks in Sun Valley! Also, what kind of bike bag do you have? I have a HUGE box I used last year, but it's kinda a pain to haul around/has no wheels.

  2. Think u would b interested in enduro? June 7th hitting up peavine in reno for 1st CA enduro series race

    1. Tempting, but I'm still in school, so traveling to Reno isn't looking too promising! Good luck Shawne!