Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pity Party

This week has been rough, and it's been really easy to let myself slip into pity party mode. I bombed my workout yesterday, got a flat DURING my intervals today and it was over 100 degrees for my whole ride home, I can't help looking at Whiskey results and feeling sorry for myself that I couldn't go, plus a few personal non bike related things.
On the hotter than heck commute home today though I decided that rather than feel pityful right now, I want to focus on the good and fun things in my life. Here is a short list of the things I am proud of/ thankful for to counterbalance my pity party week. 
1. Living in a very pretty place.
I may not have been in Prescott, AZ last weekend, but I had this beautiful view to gaze at when I was doing my workout (and I get to see it every day too!)

2. Surviving March and April. This may not seem like an accomplishment, but back in January I had mad anxiety about if I could handle the amount of racing that would take place in March/April. Now, on May 1st, I can say I've already survived 9 race weekends this year! And I had so much fun racing, I don't even know what I was so worried about.

3. Owning a Garmin and road bike and hardtail, and building up a new trail bike. I'm a pretty lucky kid to own more than one bike and some fancy pants equiptment to make training possible. 
And how else would I document the out of control temps on today's ride (Garmin reads about 5-10 degrees high. I think it's more of a percieved heat thing because I was on pavement the whole ride).

4. I have tons of great friends (and fam) who are super supportive and encouraging. Plus most of them had a hand in teaching me how to ride mountain bikes, whats better than friends who teach you stuff? 

5. Having a great coach who listens to me, picks apart my data and doesn't tell me I suck when I can't hit my numbers. I like that I can trust whatever he tells me to do, and I have confidence that each workout/rest day is exactly what I need to get faster. 

6. And of course my fave pup and boy. Davey is always happy to see me when I come home, no matter how fast or slow I am, so that's rad. And Brendan is Brendan, you all know how great he is :)

That is just a short list, I could really go on all day and night listing all the awesome things that make my life fun, beautiful and awesome. Point is, I have nothing to be sad about! I hope no matter what sucky things you have going on in your life, there is something good to balance it out! 

Now go ride a bike!

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