Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Is it Friday yet?

Althought I do love a good weekend, I shouldn't be anticipating it so hard! The weeks are flying by, and I'm not sure I want this school year to end so soon. I kinda like the routine of going to work, training, Tuesday night rides and brutal interval Wednesdays. Even so, I am also looking forward to doing some house projects with the boy, sleeping a bit, and goofing off on my mountain bike! 

Here are some highlights from this past weekend/week.
We "adopted" a gopher snake (more like relocated from a neighbor's yard). Brendan and I hope he snacks on our gophers because those assholes keep rearranging the dirt in the west side of the yard. Not sure how Davey feels about this new pet! 

LOTS of wildflowers in Silverado right now. My favorite are these Matilija Poppys (I think that's what the white fired egg looking flowers are called).They smell amazing, and are popping up everywhere right now!

^^I love seeing Mariposa Lilies. Despite the lack of rain this year they seem to be out in force in the last 3 weeks.
Many other flowers are blooming as well, but I am trying to use self control and not stop every 10 seconds when I ride to take pictures of them. We have some super vibrant Indian Paintbrush, and Lupens lining the local trails, making every ride feel like a fairy tale (I'm such a girl, not many of the guys I ride with care about the flowers!).

Lastly, we are still working on the house and random construction projects. Recently we finished this ladder shelf situation. I'm pretty pumped about how it turned out, and now our guests can easily find fresh towels, soap, etc! 
Hopefully this weekend we will accomplish more house reno projects because there are no races to travel to! First though I'm going to make the most of a few more school days!

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