Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Break Part 3 (I don't want to let go!!)

Today was the first day back in school post Spring Break. It was definately hard to wake up in the dark for the first time in 8 days, and leave Brendan and Davey all cuddled up and warm in bed to go ride my bike to school. Looking on the bright side though, there are only 38 days of school left until summer (this year is FLYING by).

The last few days of break were spent at home in Silverado riding my bike in my Santa Ana mountains, baking and cooking amazing food, and trying to accomplish a few house chores with Brendan. Here are a few pictures of the highlights from the weekend.

My mountains aren't quite as green as Nor Cal, but I think they are pretty in their own right.

This is what our entry looked like when I got home. So many pretty flowers!

Love harvesting the herbs, veggies and eggs for each meal from my front yard. 

Our cycling closet is now fully stocked with helmets and tubes thanks to Kali Protectives and Continental Tires.
 We made the world's most amazing quiche. I am super proud of the crust and the final product! It was so so good. Seriously, so good. 

We also turned those home grown carrots into the most incredible carrot cake! I can't get over how good that was either!

Now it's back to the daily grind of always feeling like I have a million things to do, but no time to get it all done. 38 days...

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