Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sore Knees

On a typical Tuesday at this time I would be racing down to the fire pit to meet up with the raddest group of mountain bikers you know to shred the local trails. Not today though. Today I am resting my poor knees, who loudly protested to all the riding I have been doing lately by aching all day yesterday. Teaching was stressful because the whole day I felt like I should be sitting down, but that's not my style in the classroom. I'm learning a lot about listening to my body though, and taking the time to rest and heal from big workouts/weekends.

Some highlights of the week so far include the following:
 -Extremely hot weather. Today my garmin read 104 degrees as I was changing a flat on the side of the road. I know garmina reads higher than reality, but anywhere in the 90's feels like full on summer. I was dripping sweat all over the tire fixing operation. No neighbors rode by to rescue me :(

-Baking my first loaf of bread in, basically, forever. I used to bake bread every week without fail. This loaf was/is especially delicious.

-Putting together my Christmas present from Brendan last night. She is super sexy, thinner than a sheet of paper and a little skittish so far. She is also a rocketship, and I felt like I was flying when we commuted this morning.

- Teaching integration in Applied Calculus is one of my favorites. Sometimes I think the notes are just so pretty I can't resist taking pictures.

Here's to hoping the temps go back down to normal by the end of the week! Hump day is on deck, then 2 more days till spring break!

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  1. Can't wait to see the new bike!
    As for the flat tire, which as you know I hate them, at least it didn't have 2 scoops of sealer in it :D