Friday, April 11, 2014

Locked Down

This week took a crazy turn yesterday when an armed man fired shots about a quarter mile from the school where I teach. When he got away from police the schools in the area were locked down for about 4 hours. The incident began during my 3rd period geometry class, and although it wasn't super serious (the gunman wasn't on campus), it still shook me up a bit. Looking out at 35 humans whose lives you are responsible for in a situation like that is a heavy feeling. Especially when they start coming to you looking for answers to questions like "when is it going to end?" or "what's going on?" And you don't have any answers.
For comic relief I made a production of assembling the bucket toilet my classroom came equiped with, which apparently made me Instagram famous. Some students even considered using it!

Thankfully the lock down ended around 2pm, because I was running out of ideas for entertaining the kids (I have no movies on hand, Netflix is blocked by the district, and because every kid on campus was on their phone the internet was too slow to stream movies).
A stressful way to end the week for sure, but thank god it wasn't more serious! Stay safe out there!

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