Friday, April 25, 2014

This and That

Life has returned to normal post spring break. Back to the grind of teaching, training, and cleaning/working on the house. Here are a few highlights of the past week.
The school garden is more complete than mine at home. A pretty dedicated group of kiddos have been working hard at making it so pretty!

I made an awesome chicken, sweet pea, potato salad for dinner on Wednesday night. Growing sweet peas was the best decision we ever made! I seriously sit out in the garden and eat them off the vine every day. 

Brendan and I completed a small carpentry project this week. Pictures of the finished project will be up soon!

Another picture-less event was throwing my rear derailleur in the wheel of my trail bike on the Tuesday night ride. This took place after I fell off a small ledge and landed on my back with bike on top of me. The derailleur incident happened because a very big, very mean stick jumped in there. Dang brushy Silverado trails! This is the 3rd rear derailleur I have ruined in 2 years. 

That's basically all we accomplished this week. Now it's off to have cavities filled and race some bikes on Sunday! Happy Friday everyone!

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