Monday, April 28, 2014

Back to Bonelli

This weekend everyone I know was racing their bikes in Prescott AZ at the Whiskey 50. Unfortunately for this poor kid, I couldn't get off work to make the trek out to the desert. Alas, all was not lost, because we had a blast this weekend hanging out Silverado style, and racing the Kenda Cup series out in Bonelli Park!
The only sad thing about the race was that I was the only pro woman, so I had to play with the boys. Let me just say that knowing there is really no one in your category, and being tired from an interval workout on Saturday made the race pretty hard/painful! I spent the race heckling the spectators, trying to pass the amature men as fast as possible, and taking in the majestic Los Angeles scenery (there was snow on Baldy, so it really was a little pretty!)
I got my butt kicked by the men, but had a great time trying to keep up!
I may not have had a chance to win big like the crushers who placed top 12 at Whiskey, but I did get $2 in hand ups from some little kids!! Peet's coffee, here I come!

The rest of the weekend was spend with some awesome NorCal friends...
building rock towers in the sand,
going on nature hikes,

and of course snugging the crap out of that cute dog!

And that's it. Another great weekend came and went, and here we are back at Monday afternoon! 

Three more weeks till CB can ride bikes, watch out Orange County! He's going to come back with a vengance! 

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