Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thanks To The Rain

Everything is beautiful here. I hope it lasts/we get more rain soon.
Some pretty green views on my ride Wednesday afternoon.

I decided this week that I cannot possibly dislike intervals if I get to do them on Maple Springs Road with the gate closed and green stuff all around me. I even had warm sunshine on my face descending between each repeat. And the gate closed means no cars or motos, my own private road. 
The creek was even full, and making all its glorious creek sounds. 

All mine :)

This view was the prettiest, you can even see a glimpse of creek in there.

And if that wasn't enough landscape pics for you, here is one I snapped on the Tuesday night mtb ride in the middle of a hike-a-bike. Ain't she perty? (the she is my Santa Ana Mountains)
I could look at these hills all day!

So there you have it, living in Silverado is pretty darn close to perfect! Now I'm off to make dinner for the boy, and to try and do some chores (but it's Thursday night, like chores are going to happen! HA).

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