Friday, March 28, 2014

Where Did March Go?

I have to say, I had some mad anxiety about the month of March earlier this year. Now it feels like I blinked my eyes and March slipped away in a second. Where did this month go? 
This week in particular has been crazy busy and gone by crazy fast. Here are some highlights of the week.
On Wednesday I finally won 2048! This was a huge accomplishment, both because I beat Brendan to winning (have I mentioned I am competitive?) and because now I don't feel the need to play it all the time. Although my team mate did make it to 4096...

Successfully made some outstanding meals this week despite not having house guests to motivate us to be creative with dinner. The hard part is that cooking after work and working out means eating after 8:30pm every night. I'm motivated to start crock pot cooking like Erin because walking in the door to an already cooked dinner sounds like heaven right about now.

Woodworking Wednesday was a success. We managed to stay up WAY past our bed time working on a project I have been dying to finish for weeks. Hopefully next week we will have pictures of the completed project. I do love creating things!

Aside from missing our house guests like crazy (who wouldn't when they did all the dishes and made incredible meals all the time?!?) that's pretty much our week. This afternoon we are headed off to the mountains for a fun little mtb stage race, the Keyesville Classic. I'm looking forward to camping out with super cool people and riding my bike on trails I have never seen before!

Have a great weekend!

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