Friday, March 21, 2014

By Popular Demand

And because I am too lazy/busy with like for a real post, my wedding dance video. Enjoy :)

On a more mountain bike related note, we pre-rode the Fontana course last night, and my mechanical curse reared it's ugly head again. Broke a spoke not even half way through the first lap, whole rear wheel was wonky, had to go back to the car like a kid on time out. Thankfully the handy team mate was able to kinda true the wheel and I did one full lap, but had to ride very gently, which was frustrating on the fun, rocky descent. I am trying to remain grateful this happened on the pre-ride and not in the race, but any disruption two days till race day like this makes me a bit anxious.

Bryan tightening spokes like a pro.

Wish us luck this weekend as we battle it out against the best mountain bikers in the country (and world really) again!

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