Friday, March 14, 2014

An Epiphany at the End of a Long Week

Pre-riding the Bonelli Park XC course yesterday, a thought hit me, and I have been relieved of some of the anxiety that has been nagging at me about this race season. Back in Jan and Feb I had the idea in my head that I was improving my fitness, and that it would result in better race results this year. This wasn't necessarily the case for race #1 (back in TX), and looking at the list of reg-ed riders for this weekend I was having my doubts it would be true in Bonelli as well.
The view from part of the Bonelli course. Not a bad place to ride bikes if you ask me.

This is when my epiphany happened. I shouldn't judge my progress on placings when these races may all be harder (in terms of competition) than last year. This weekend is an HC category race. A harder category than I have ever raced before. Instead, I should judge my progress on my own personal improvement, in my own personal fitness and technical skills. So there may be 5 Olympians on the line tomorrow, but who cares? As long as I race my hardest, take chances and have a smile on my face, it will all be worth the hours of training, and the dedication I have been putting in. Now I'm looking forward to 1.5 terribly hard hours of racing tomorrow, it's going to be awesome!
The intersection of the Pro A-line (WAY hard) and B-lines. 

In other news, Davey had a fun little play date with his BFF Tilo on Thursday. Tilo likes to show Davey who's in charge, can you tell?
They could roll around on the floor all day.

They really do love each other though.

And lastly, a pretty view as seen on our Tuesday night ride in Silverado. 
Time change means riding in the daylight. You would think that is a good thing, but sometimes not seeing the scary cliffs right next to you when descending is better :)

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  1. Seeing your smile in the picture, during your race, shows you are doing everything RIGHT!!!
    You keep it up, and everything will come with time!