Thursday, February 20, 2014

On Hard Work

This week I am really appreciating how much hard work it is to be a semi pro athlete. Monday I got a head cold, and Tuesday/Wednesday I was scheduled to do some pretty tough workouts. Knowing the season opener is a little over a week away, I didn't want to miss any of the workouts, plus work and taking care of the dog/boy/house, it's all pretty exhausting. Fast forward to Thursday night though, all that pain and work is behind me, and the cold is almost gone! I wouldn't trade this work for anything in the world, but boy am I glad for a mandatory no bike riding day tomorrow. 
Right now I am super grateful for an awesome coach who sends me encouraging emails in the thick of a hard week like this. Thanks CTS for making that happen!
Something else I have really appreciated this week, chard from my own garden. I can't get over the colors!

Here's another one to file under the list of stuff I am thankful for: donations to the Tustin High Mountain Bike team. You may not know it, but lack of equipment for eager high schoolers is our biggest setback. We need all the love and donations we can get our paws on. Thanks to Keith for this rad bike. I know just the kid to tear it up on this beast this season! 

Our cars had some sexy time with their hoods up! Because the dang Prius wouldn't start. Put figuring out a finicky Prius at the end of a long day with a cold, not the most fun Thursday afternoon.

Looking forward to hanging out with this lovely lady this weekend!

And I am missing riding bikes with this kid!

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