Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Harriet the Hardtail Conquers Bell Ridge

Contemplating my love for Harriet.

This past Sunday I made some more questionable judgment calls, and took Harriet out for some fun little Trabuco trail to Bell Ridge action. I wasn't sure how a 29er hardtail would handle the steeps and rockies of these trails, but I did know that the wicked light bike would be so fun to shoulder for the hikes and might be a blast on the rocky climby sections.
You can't see the trail here, but this climb is pretty steep and techy, and boy was it fun with Harriet! Plus, look at those trees, REAL trees!

Carl and I set off nice and late in the morning up Trabuco wash, and then Trabuco trail. Just as I imagined Harriet was a beast on the rocks and made child's play out of technical sections I normally have to work hard to clean. On the steep middle section of Trabuco she was a champ in the loose shale, leaving me smiling and barely breathing hard. I was impressed. Then we were rudely passed by motos (not legal on this trail), which made Carl and I both a bit grumpy. 2 stroke fumes in the forest are not my fave. 
We soon arrived at Pinos Peak though, Carl's favorite place, maybe in the whole world.
Another shot of the sexy Harriet in her natural habitat.

This is where the real fun, and test of the 29er's capability began. The initial descent on Bell is super steep and winds through the trees. It was out of this world. I never thought I would enjoy this section of trail more than on my trail bike, but somehow Harriet was more fun, and just as fast! Something about rubbing my butt on my rear tire too...
Next is a few steep as heck hike a bikes, which were no biggie with a 20 lb bike on my back! 
Lastly a technical, rocky, twisty, brushy mess of trail winds down along the ridge, and this too Harriet conquered like a pro! After riding the "linear accelerator", a section of trail that forces you to increase your speed as you fly down a rock garden, I had to let out a holler because the smile on my face wasn't enough to express my joy.  
At the flag above Ding Dong Trail

We ended the ride with Ding Dong, a very technical and steep trail that spit us out on the wash where we 
had started the day. 
It was just one of those days when you are smiling from ear to ear because the bike and trail come together for the perfect ride. Have you ever smiled the whole way down a trail before?

Brendan and I spent the rest of the weekend working on the house, wrapping up another great weekend of bikes, bikes and manual labor!
The floor is SO close to being done!

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  1. "linear accelerator" <---- that is a perfect name for that section :D