Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bits and Pieces

This is my view right now (minus the hot chocolate "recovery" drink I am holding).

That's right, it's finally raining here in SoCal. We may only get a sprinkling tonight, but it is more than nothing, so we will take it! 
Besides the rain, the death of an Orange County cyclist last Sunday has been on my mind constantly. 
That is the memorial for a 21 year old boy, Joe, who loves the same thing I do, bikes.

Joe was struck by a car from behind on a road I ride literally every day on my way home from work. I cried the first two times I rode past his 'ghost bike'. I cried because he was someone's son, and some girl's boyfriend. I cried because I cannot imagine how devastated Brendan would be if something like this happened to me, or how sad I would be if this was my sister, and I cried because he was so young, and just out doing something so innocent and beautiful. 

On a less sad note, although I don't really stop thinking about Joe and the accident, our weekends aren't entirely filled with bikes. Here are a few non-bike related pictures from our time in San Diego last weekend. 

Brendan in front of a post it note mural of Michael Jackson.

Kristine and I approve of the interior decor in the Modern Times tasting room (and the beer too!)

We also got to spend quality time with our fave room mates Allie and Meryl, but unfortunately we sucked at taking pictures (maybe because our night of board games turned into a night of watching Clueless, ha!). Regardless, thanks for showing us a good time in SD Kristine, Meryl and Allie! We can't wait to come back.

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