Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training Camp, New Toys and Birthdays

SO much has been going on, I feel like I cannot keep up with my own life!
I spent the MLK weekend up in Bodega Bay for the UC Davis Cycling Team training camp, as a sketchy alumni. Highlights from the weekend include two incredible road rides with great friends, breathtaking views seen while descending an 18% grade, Flying Goat coffee (my all time fave), a great dinner alone with the in-laws, and a nail painting/gossip sech. with the current and former UCD Team girlies. It was a blast.
                                                               Ocean views for dayz.

Love staying with Brendan's parents because they always stock up on the best ride snack ingredients.

Saw the green flash after the sunset for the first time from the Connors' kitchen table.

My favorite sister, her Harry Potter boyfriend, and the best coffee on this planet.
They just bought a house, I tell everyone I know, it's just that cool!

The trip wrapped up with a stop at Marin Bikes to pick up some new toys and meet the super cool folks who work hard to make it all happen. I feel super lucky to have to opportunity to ride for Marin this season, and cannot wait to shred on the bikes they are hooking me up with (more to come tomorrow when the first is built up!). 
A sneak peak at the lightest, most beautiful 29er I have laid eyes on, with a sweet note from Marin.

Lastly, today I am 28 years old. Although I know that isn't too old in the grand scheme of things, I do feel like my 20's are FLYING by, and would love a pause button right about now! It feels like yesterday I was 23 and swimming in Hicky Pool every day before heading off across the UC Davis quad to Modern Algebra class. Life does seem to get better and better though, so bring it on 28. Lets make this one even better than the last! 

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