Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Right now...

I am pigging out on caramel popcorn, starved from a nice after-work workout, sitting on the couch, getting ready to make dinner for lovie, and thinking about all the things I forgot to do today.
This is my life every afternoon around 4pm. Ride home from school (which usually involves some intervals) try to find something healthy to pig out on (failed at that one today!), walk the dog, then crash on the couch with my feet up for a bit before the after work housework begins.
Lately I have been very grateful for the people and opportunities I have in life. I have the best commute a girl could ask for, the best mechanic-husband around, great friends to ride bikes with, tons of trails near by, and a full time job. But I have also been a little frustrated. I think about all the things I used to be able to accomplish on a daily basis, like baking bread once a week, maintaining a full winter garden, running with the kids after school. How did I fit all that in? Where does the time go? Maybe I just grew up a bit and realized I couldn't do it all, but I miss it. I especially miss the garden.
Any ideas on how to juggle multiple interests when training and working? Is it possible to have a life outside of bikes?
Maple Springs road to finish my ride today. Gate was closed so not a Jeep or Moto in sight!

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