Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh How I Love Finals Week

There is just something about a week full of minimum days and non-stop testing, with a teacher work day to wrap it all up on Friday! I have gotten so much done, it's almost like a vacation. And let's be honest, after all they put us through, three days of watching kids silently suffer it out on a cumulative test is just heaven (not that I believe this is the proper way to assess student knowledge, but as long as it is mandatory, heck, I'm going to enjoy it!). Plus minimum days do wonders for my workouts and sleep. Today I even got to spend some quality one on one time with regal dog to try and win him back. Pics to prove it. 
We had a nice long walk, and I drank an amazing smoothie with NO ice cream (who have I become?!)
 Then there was even daylight left to do some work in the garden. Only one planter box is thriving, but I'll take what I can get.
The chickens even helped me weed (although they tend to have a hard time discerning between lettuce and weeds).
In other news I was banned from discussing heart rate and power on the Tuesday night group ride. I guess I can understand that when no one else cares about racing and training, even hearing the words heart rate can sound annoying, but WHAT ELSE is there to think about?! At least there was an amazing sunset to keep my mind distracted for a while.
As seen from the parking area near our private pump track and fire pit. 


  1. No wonder your hungry, "No ice cream" ??

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