Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dog hairs in his beard are the new lipstick on his collar.

As you probably already guessed, I rode my mountain bike this morning. More on that later,  because THIS is what I walked in the door to see at 11:30am after my ride!
I Leave for a few hours and he takes my spot in bed!

The ride was your typical Sunday funday group with a suprise apperance from DW, my best training partner.
DW and I at the top of Joplin trail, just like old times!

 At least he WAS my best training partner until he started cheating on me with his moto and Joey, and started forgetting to ride bikes with me every weekend... Im not bitter at all... swearsies. But I digress, back to the ride! We climbed Harding Truck trail and then headed over to Joplin. At the top of Harding Carl was obviously overjoyed to have beat me despite getting a 15 min head start, and not being in heartrate jail! It's the small pseudo victories for some people I guess :) jk Carl, good job! Against my better judgment I brought the CXR thinking I would continue to get to know her. 
We found one of the few green spots left in SoCal!

Brendan threw a Rock Shox Reverb dropper post on ________ (still thinking of a name for her. Suggestions more than welcome!) thinking it would make the ride more enjoyable. Dang was he right, and to my surprise Joplin wasn't much harder than on my trail bike. It must be those big wheels that just roll over anything like it's no big deal! The only downfall to rocking the hardtail was super tired fore arms at the end of the ride, so overall I was very pleased with the bike once again. Oh and funny side note, I learned how to use the fork lockout today, which means I raced with the fork locked out yesterday. Oops, and that explains why Fontana felt so bumpy! Ha! 

Overall a very successful weekend of bikes, and we even did some garage cleaning this afternoon!  Lastly, a heartfelt goodbye to these trusty guys. 
These shoes were hand me downs from Brendan, and they survived heave abuse from me for the past 4 years. Good job, little Sidies, I hope you finally get some rest in mtb shoe heaven!

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