Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Oh How I Love Finals Week

There is just something about a week full of minimum days and non-stop testing, with a teacher work day to wrap it all up on Friday! I have gotten so much done, it's almost like a vacation. And let's be honest, after all they put us through, three days of watching kids silently suffer it out on a cumulative test is just heaven (not that I believe this is the proper way to assess student knowledge, but as long as it is mandatory, heck, I'm going to enjoy it!). Plus minimum days do wonders for my workouts and sleep. Today I even got to spend some quality one on one time with regal dog to try and win him back. Pics to prove it. 
We had a nice long walk, and I drank an amazing smoothie with NO ice cream (who have I become?!)
 Then there was even daylight left to do some work in the garden. Only one planter box is thriving, but I'll take what I can get.
The chickens even helped me weed (although they tend to have a hard time discerning between lettuce and weeds).
In other news I was banned from discussing heart rate and power on the Tuesday night group ride. I guess I can understand that when no one else cares about racing and training, even hearing the words heart rate can sound annoying, but WHAT ELSE is there to think about?! At least there was an amazing sunset to keep my mind distracted for a while.
As seen from the parking area near our private pump track and fire pit. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dog hairs in his beard are the new lipstick on his collar.

As you probably already guessed, I rode my mountain bike this morning. More on that later,  because THIS is what I walked in the door to see at 11:30am after my ride!
I Leave for a few hours and he takes my spot in bed!

The ride was your typical Sunday funday group with a suprise apperance from DW, my best training partner.
DW and I at the top of Joplin trail, just like old times!

 At least he WAS my best training partner until he started cheating on me with his moto and Joey, and started forgetting to ride bikes with me every weekend... Im not bitter at all... swearsies. But I digress, back to the ride! We climbed Harding Truck trail and then headed over to Joplin. At the top of Harding Carl was obviously overjoyed to have beat me despite getting a 15 min head start, and not being in heartrate jail! It's the small pseudo victories for some people I guess :) jk Carl, good job! Against my better judgment I brought the CXR thinking I would continue to get to know her. 
We found one of the few green spots left in SoCal!

Brendan threw a Rock Shox Reverb dropper post on ________ (still thinking of a name for her. Suggestions more than welcome!) thinking it would make the ride more enjoyable. Dang was he right, and to my surprise Joplin wasn't much harder than on my trail bike. It must be those big wheels that just roll over anything like it's no big deal! The only downfall to rocking the hardtail was super tired fore arms at the end of the ride, so overall I was very pleased with the bike once again. Oh and funny side note, I learned how to use the fork lockout today, which means I raced with the fork locked out yesterday. Oops, and that explains why Fontana felt so bumpy! Ha! 

Overall a very successful weekend of bikes, and we even did some garage cleaning this afternoon!  Lastly, a heartfelt goodbye to these trusty guys. 
These shoes were hand me downs from Brendan, and they survived heave abuse from me for the past 4 years. Good job, little Sidies, I hope you finally get some rest in mtb shoe heaven!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Started the day out nice and early with the scenic (heavy dose of sarcasm there) drive to Fontana, CA for a little winter series XC race. I wanted to put the CXR 29er to the test, and get some practice on the course for the XCT in March. First though, this picture of what I woke up to this morning.
I don't get this kind of snugging in the morning!

This is the first time I wasn't even nervous at the start, probably due to the fact that there were only 2 pro women, so I was guaranteed first or second! Here is a sneak peak into the stylish XC life, baggies ftw!
I'm so proud of my outfit I can't keep my eyes open.

Anyway, the start was fast because it was pro men/women combined, and after about 5 minutes my heart rate was nice and high leading me to freak out about starting too hard. I ignored the obvious signs that I should slow down though and hammered on! The climb was a bit technical, but that CXR knows its way around rocks and sand, so we soldiered up the hill then down a hill then get the picture. It was a trip being on a hard tail again after months of rocking the trail bike. The wonderful Fontana breaking bumbs were especially, um, exciting. On the last lap I knew I had a bit of a gap so I tried to enjoy the scenery, but quickly remembered we were in Fontana so that didn't last long. Long story short I crossed the finish line in first (out of two, I feel like I need to keep emphasizing this). Here is a picture of the CXR in action, and one of the two person podium.
You're still digging my style aren't you?

Brendan says I was too fast to get any other pictures, but I found out the real reason he only got one action shot was because he was too busy photographing regal dog.
I never know if he does this in case he needs to write a Craig's List post...

We came home and immediately got back into bed. Being old will do that to you, make you nap in the middle of a perfectly sunny day.

And lastly, this is how I plan to spend the rest of this beautiful Saturday afternoon.Yep, that's a mango, pom, berry smoothie and reddit! Maybe I will choose to join the productive world in a few hours.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here We Go...

Spent the afternoon playing on this new toy. Felt weird to be on a hardtail again, but it's quickly winning me over. Racing season feels really close now, although I am going to enjoy one more month of goofing off. 
Here is my sexy mechanic building her up last night (Do you like our messy garage. I smell a weekend chore).

In other news, lying in bed, browsing the internets is winning over chores right now. Laundry and dishes and dinner can wait, right? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Training Camp, New Toys and Birthdays

SO much has been going on, I feel like I cannot keep up with my own life!
I spent the MLK weekend up in Bodega Bay for the UC Davis Cycling Team training camp, as a sketchy alumni. Highlights from the weekend include two incredible road rides with great friends, breathtaking views seen while descending an 18% grade, Flying Goat coffee (my all time fave), a great dinner alone with the in-laws, and a nail painting/gossip sech. with the current and former UCD Team girlies. It was a blast.
                                                               Ocean views for dayz.

Love staying with Brendan's parents because they always stock up on the best ride snack ingredients.

Saw the green flash after the sunset for the first time from the Connors' kitchen table.

My favorite sister, her Harry Potter boyfriend, and the best coffee on this planet.
They just bought a house, I tell everyone I know, it's just that cool!

The trip wrapped up with a stop at Marin Bikes to pick up some new toys and meet the super cool folks who work hard to make it all happen. I feel super lucky to have to opportunity to ride for Marin this season, and cannot wait to shred on the bikes they are hooking me up with (more to come tomorrow when the first is built up!). 
A sneak peak at the lightest, most beautiful 29er I have laid eyes on, with a sweet note from Marin.

Lastly, today I am 28 years old. Although I know that isn't too old in the grand scheme of things, I do feel like my 20's are FLYING by, and would love a pause button right about now! It feels like yesterday I was 23 and swimming in Hicky Pool every day before heading off across the UC Davis quad to Modern Algebra class. Life does seem to get better and better though, so bring it on 28. Lets make this one even better than the last! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Right now...

I am pigging out on caramel popcorn, starved from a nice after-work workout, sitting on the couch, getting ready to make dinner for lovie, and thinking about all the things I forgot to do today.
This is my life every afternoon around 4pm. Ride home from school (which usually involves some intervals) try to find something healthy to pig out on (failed at that one today!), walk the dog, then crash on the couch with my feet up for a bit before the after work housework begins.
Lately I have been very grateful for the people and opportunities I have in life. I have the best commute a girl could ask for, the best mechanic-husband around, great friends to ride bikes with, tons of trails near by, and a full time job. But I have also been a little frustrated. I think about all the things I used to be able to accomplish on a daily basis, like baking bread once a week, maintaining a full winter garden, running with the kids after school. How did I fit all that in? Where does the time go? Maybe I just grew up a bit and realized I couldn't do it all, but I miss it. I especially miss the garden.
Any ideas on how to juggle multiple interests when training and working? Is it possible to have a life outside of bikes?
Maple Springs road to finish my ride today. Gate was closed so not a Jeep or Moto in sight!